I’m Moving! But It’s Not What You Think

Well, no, I’m not really moving again (I’ve only been at this “new” apartment for 8 months), but rather, I’ve bit the bullet and gotten my own domain! Soon you’ll be able to read me on MissAnaMon.com. But before we get carried away, literally, I just want to discuss how difficult I’m finding it to pick one specific theme or topic for this new blog.

Variety Really IS the Spice of Life

There are many things that interest and inspire me–travel, food, fashion, the arts, design, career, and more… So imagine trying to narrow that down into one lonely theme? Does this inability to just pick one category make me lifestyle blogger? It seems that it’s the the only way to be able to touch upon all the various influences in my life.

Fear of Commitment?

One might take my not being able to stick to a niche topic as something negative. However, it’s the complete opposite. In my professional career, I’m limited to writing about a very specific niche, and so it’s only fitting that I let myself run free when it comes to my creative outlet–this very sacred space in which I will be able to truly let my passions take over. Don’t you agree that this can only become a great thing?

Experience Will Make Me Rich

How so? Not necessarily in the monetary sense (although that would be great, and something to aspire to later on), but in my tapping into a plethora of subjects which will allow me to flex my writing skills. In the end, that’s my ultimate goal: to be able to expand my writing portfolio so that the world can see the caliber of my writing skills. That just because I’ve been tackling the same topic for years doesn’t mean that I can’t stretch the extent of my talent beyond that reach.

So, what do you think? Would you rather read a lifestyle blog showcasing many interests, or a tightly-focused blog emphasizing a particular passion? Let’s talk.


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